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If you are a teacher……..

Hey there! if you are a teacher, please consider following things: Do not treat students as puppets. They are humans too and have feelings. They also have self-respect and they also get hurt.Please accept that : Every child is not same. Not everyone is going to agree with your views. Let them have their opinion.Do… Continue reading If you are a teacher……..

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Binaural beats and their use

Have you heard of Binaural beats? It is a kind of sound which can be used to stimulate mind in a certain state. What are binaural beats? Binaural beats are a technique of combining two slightly different sound frequencies to create the perception of a single new frequency tone. The theory is that when exposed to… Continue reading Binaural beats and their use

Award nomination

Blogger Recognition Award and Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by Huguette Antoun for Sunshine Blogger Award and Blogger Recognition Award. I am doing a combined post for both the awards. I have been less active in blogging from few days. Thank you Huguette for nominating for both the awards. Huguette is a versatile blogger who writes about various things. I always… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award and Sunshine Blogger Award

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#Random Thoughts

People are not bad, but circumstances make them bad. I once saw a video of BKShivani. The point made in video was very relatable and taught me a good lesson. Here is what the video taught me: Whenever our friend, family member or relative (anyone) can't do a work properly, we begin to attack the… Continue reading #Random Thoughts

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You can’t get everything..

You may have listened to quotes like " You can get anything you want". The quote is absolutely true but most of the people misunderstand it. Yes, you can get anything you want but not everything at the same time. You need to accept that. I was thinking about this from many days and eventually… Continue reading You can’t get everything..

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Let’s see how smart you are-2

If you haven't checked the previous part, here it is: Let's see how smart you are The previous question was: Why the clouds filled with water look black? Answer: We see any object in a certain color when that color is scattered or reflected by that object. For example, the leaf appear green to our… Continue reading Let’s see how smart you are-2