The journey of music and why it matters to us

Lets see the journey of music over the time and how does it effect us

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Music has always been an important part of our lives. Be it any celebration or family time, we need music. Think of your life without music. It is not wrong to say that life will be meaningless without music. It is something that accompanies us in our good and bad times. To know more about music history and origins in detail, go to below link :


Importance of music

Religious importance:  Music plays an important role in religions across the world. The reciting of prayers in most of the religions is done through musical instruments. Some special kinds of music enhance our spiritual feelings and unite us to this universe.

To know more: Religious music

Culture and Heritage: The traditional songs and traditional music define cultural identity of a country. For years, it has been a great way to pass on values and knowledge to upcoming generations. Our traditional music is passed on to us from many generations. It is a way to preserve our culture and our history.

Music as a therapy: Music has also been tried in medical field for treatment purposes. It is known to have positive effects on health of patients. It is used for stress relief, mental and behavioral issues and much more.

Know more about MUSIC AS A THERAPY

Part of our lives: For individuals, it is something that gives them joy, relieves from stress and is a way of entertainment.

Music in human life

Music across the world

There are many forms of music all over the world. There are certain differences in music of different countries and traditions but they all have some things in common also.

Differences and universals in Music all over the world

How has music changed over time

Over the times, there had been a lot change in the music. Nowadays, there is not as much depth in music as it used to be. Now, it is seen more as away to make money and get popular.

Has music degraded over time?

There are number of reasons for this:

Earlier there were great efforts required in making and presenting music, but now with advances in technology, such as Autotune, even an amateur enters music field and start without proper knowledge.

People do not dedicate as much time to art as we did in earlier times, so they just listen what is popular and what their friends and relatives are listening.

Has choice of music and people’s taste changed?

It is not relevant to say that people’s taste for music has changed. Because people still listen to the old songs and music. They find it better than today’s music. The old music was good enough to exist still today. Nowadays, popularity of new songs is at peak for a weak or two and then everyone forgets it. But this is not the case with music of earlier times as it is still known by people over the world.

But why does it matters to us?

We have talked about change in music with time. But why does it matters to us? What we have to do with this?

Art and music is reflection of our society. It is up to us what kind of values we want in our society. If we will continue listening bad music, there will be times when we will have nothing as good music.

We say ” OLD IS GOLD”

Then why should we settle with something less when we have gold.

It is only us who are at loss.

It is not a matter of joke


What can we do?

  1. Appreciate what is really good. Do not go for it just because it is popular.
  2. When there will be no audience to bad music, creators will have to make good one.
  3. Learn some instrument. Increase your knowledge of music to know what is good and what is bad.
  4. Encourage those who are doing good work.
  5. Understand value of beautiful lyrics. A song is not just group of words piled up together.
  6. Value people who are really talented.


My purpose of writing this article is to encourage people to listen to good music. I will be happy if there comes a good change in anyone’s life after this.

What you think about all this? Tell me your views. Also share which music you like.

17 replies on “The journey of music and why it matters to us”

As Charles Bukowski famously puts it, “If you don’t put your soul into it, Don’t do it”, yet bad music exists only because there are people who take their valuable time to listen to it. We make them viral encouraging more bad music. Though this happens, we have not abandoned good music for unoriginal ones 🙂
I love that you put up music from various parts of the world here. I would like to share you this

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Thanks for posting this. I do think that music has gone downhill lately. This is mainly because I believe people accept lower standards and they become conditioned to that being the baseline to work to. We need some real pioneers to rejuvenate the music industry.

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I always try to listen quality music, from different genres. When I was younger, I stood out mostly by rock, disco and heavy metal, then switched to classic and ethno music. Now I try to listen music from different genres and times, so I combine everything, dance music, classics, rock, jazz, blues, R&B, ethno, ancient music etc. And as you wrote it in this article, music really makes you feel better, no matter what type you listen. For me there are only two basic types, one for easy listening (when you want piece and quietness) like classics, ethno, pop, dance music etc., and the other when you want to be crazy and full of energy like rock, metal, faster classical music (like Bolero, Polka, Hungarian Dance, Planets etc.). Music is just a common and inseparable part of our daily lives…

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