You can’t get everything..

You may have listened to quotes like ” You can get anything you want”. The quote is absolutely true but most of the people misunderstand it.

Yes, you can get anything you want but not everything at the same time. You need to accept that.

I was thinking about this from many days and eventually came on this conclusion that you can’t get everything at the same time. You have to sacrifice some things in order to achieve others.


Now suppose you want to be rich. You want such a lifestyle that you never need to bother about price or money when you want to buy something. In order to be that rich, you have to sacrifice various other things, maybe time with family, various parties with friends ad other simplicity in life.

On the other hand, if you want to live a simple life, you have to sacrifice various riches and all the other things that stop you from having a simple life.


Another example can be doing well in studies. If you want to have good marks, you need to sacrifice various things like parties with friends, time with family etc. You can also have a balanced approach in which you can achieve both sides. But if you want extreme success in one single goal, you have to sacrifice various things to keep your full focus on that goal.

As I was writing on this topic, one of my fellow bloggers Bogdan from Pointless Overthinking wrote about this topic. You can check his post here:

What to do?

You must be saying that Okay we need to make sacrifices and we can’t get everything but how does knowing this improves my life? What I should do?

First thing is that you have to accept this. Once you accept that you can’t get everything, you complain less and learn to let go of the things.

Choice is always yours.

You have to chose what you want. If you want something so badly that you can sacrifice any other thing for that, then it is your choice.

If you want everything balanced in your life, then it is again your choice. Remember you can always switch places and try out many things throughout your life. Problem arises when we get stuck on one thing.

Accepting this can also help you in various other things…

The idea of success

What does success mean to you. Whatever you think, not everyone is going to agree with you. Everyone has a different idea of success and everybody has the right to chose. You can’t call someone inferior or less successful just because your ideas of success.

Nowadays, it is kind of a fashion to call a businessperson successful…. Like all other people are stupid. Everybody is thinking success of running a big company, but that’s not true.. Right?

Think of a bus driver or other people in transport work. Can you imagine your life without them? Are they not successful?

Or some farmer…

Or a housewife ( homemaker )

They all are successful in what they are doing.

The bigger thing you want, the more you have to sacrifice.

Everyone is different

Everyone is different and you can’t say that the person is not good if they are not acting according to you. Accept that the person is different and so does their views, ideas and actions. Nobody is here to live according to you. So don’t waste your time criticizing anyone.

The Relationships

Now, as everyone is different, so does their expectations, ambitions, perspectives and ideas. In relationships, whether in a family or in friends, If you want to live with a particular person, you have to make compromises. If you can’t do this, you should also not expect the other person to do this for you. If you are not willing to change your habits, you should not try to change other one’s habits.

Relationships need compromises and understanding between the persons. And again you have to compromise something in order to get something.

Is money important?

We cannot say money is not important to us in life. As most of the things you do need money. You need money for food, shelter, study, enjoying and almost everything. Money is important to us, but only money is not important. We should have that much money that we can fulfill our requirements and some money saved for future use or in case any emergency arises.

Need And Luxury: There is a difference between need and luxury. Is car a need? Maybe. Car can be thought of as a need. A person who has craze for cars can keep more than 1 car, but when a person is having 5-6 cars just for show off, now that’s a luxury, which is not needed.

The balanced life

A poor person wishes he has money for meeting his needs, while a middle class person wants to be more rich. A rich person searches for happiness and peace of mind.

A balanced life is one in which you can taste everything. That’s in between simplicity and comforts, With good health and proper time for family as well as working enough to earn well.

You can try various things art, adventure or anything that interests you.

Actually, no one’s life is bad, it is that we only see the bad part and not the other side.


The choice is always yours. You have to decide what kind of life you want and which path to chose. You can try new things. If ever you feel that you have took the wrong decision, then no need to feel shame or being depressed. Either you can feel gratitude for what you have; as most people are dreaming of the life you have; or you can change your path.

You also can try everything in different stages of life. But don’t be depressed for something that you don’t have now. There are a lot of other things you have right now.

The matter is all of priorities and how much a thing or person value to you.

Life is beautiful. Do not waste it thinking about the things you don’t have. Either work for it or simply be satisfied with what you have.

Happiness or success of life does not depend on how famous you are but how much you actually lived.

What are your thoughts about this? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “You can’t get everything..

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  1. It’s a very important topic and very well analyzed and written! People get confused when you tell them you can’t get everything you want but they don’t know that they can get anything they want! Or at least they can try because sometimes you work for something and you don’t get it. It’s very important to know what we want and our priorities and then decide what are the sacrifices we’re willing to make and worst case scenario accept our life if we don’t want to make any! And I agree that we really need to have a moderate life!
    All the points were very well made and explained
    A great share

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning me!
    I love it, especially this part -> “Life is beautiful. Do not waste it thinking about the things you donโ€™t have. Either work for it or simply be satisfied with what you have.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well written post! It’s inspiring and can really help people to reach conclusion on what to do with their lives. It’s just perfect with balanced opinions and thoughts. I loved reading it.
    However, it’s still difficult to understand what we truly want. I guess it comes with time, experience, reading and real life interactions.

    Liked by 1 person

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