How to increase your reading speed? ( Reblog)

In our daily life, we need to read a lot of material. To read fast and grasp efficiently, you need to develop a good reading speed. Here are some tips to read fast.

The average reading speed is about 200-250 wpm(words per minute). This is okay for normal work. But if you want to be a good reader and to read a lot , you would definitely want to level up. See how much material you can learn if you have speed of more than 500 wpm.You can learn almost double of what you currently do with some practice. So here are some tips to start.

1)Find your current reading speed

First of all, you need to find your current reading speed so that we can have a base value of your reading speed.How? You can find some stuff online .

You can try this:

After you got your current speed, you got a baseline. Now you have to level this up by moving to next steps.

2)Find what makes you a slow reader


Reading out loud and subvocalization

You need to find out what habits make you a slow reader. If you speak loud while you read, then this may be the reason for your slow reading. As your speak slower than you can actually read, thus speaking loud limits your reading speed .Now you can only read as fast as you can speak.

Even if we do not speak loud,we keep on sub-vocalizing (speaking words in your mind ) in our mind . This is main reason for our slow reading speed. Good readers know well how to remove this habit.

Removing subvocalization

This can be removed by doing counting while you read or humming. Start by doing this and then gradually start reading without speaking in your mind.

2) It is common for a normal reader to read each line from left to right. But to be a good reader, you have to read multiple lines at the same time. You need to read 3-4 lines as you move from left to right.

3) This can be achieved through practice. You have to improve your peripheral vision, so you can read word in any corner.

TIP: You can try Elevate Brain training app. It is quite good as it contains all these exercises to improve your speed and some other nice things too.

4)Proper posture and concentration is also necessary while reading. If you have ever faced a situation where you are reading same line again and again, you know you are not focused. You can take a break or meditate. It is important to be totally into reading while reading.

3) Start practicing now

You need to read a lot to develop all these habits. Practice well and soon you will be a very good reader. Practice regularly and find your new reading speed.

Hope these tips help you.

Enjoy reading!

Do you have any other tips? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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