If you are a teacher……..

Hey there! if you are a teacher, please consider following things:

  1. Do not treat students as puppets. They are humans too and have feelings. They also have self-respect and they also get hurt.
  2. Please accept that : Every child is not same. Not everyone is going to agree with your views. Let them have their opinion.
  3. Do not show us your authority or power by threating students to cut their marks if they don’t follow you. Come on! You are a teacher, not a Don!
  4. Do not demand respect but earn it. If you are true to your profession, students will have a special place for you in your heart.
  5. The ‘obedient’ students are not the only good students. Others are also there to learn and they are your students too. Treat everyone equally and do not favor some.
  6. Please show us some kindness, we need it.
  7. Motivate us , do not discourage us by saying ” tum kya kroge aage ja ke ..” (What will you do in future?) or You can’t do anything.
  8. Please keep your anger and your personal matters out of your profession. If you are stressed because of something, do not let that anger out on students.
  9. Think of your student life, what you did not like then. Now don’t do this to your students.
  10. Praise in public, criticize in private
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Doesn’t this apply to teachers?? Why do they criticize in front of everybody. It really feels bad and stays with you for long time.

11) Do not set such an example for them that they start hating word ‘teacher’.



– – From a Student —

Hey Students! if you are reading this and want to share any other point, please share in comments below.

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