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How science can help us to become better human beings

Science is an important part of our lives. Let’s see how it can help us to become better human beings.

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Science is an important part of our life. Knowing some basic science can surely increase your knowledge of how things work, but it can also help you to become a better human being. Here’s how:

Science can help us become better human beings.

1. Science questions everything

Science questions everything.. how.. when..where..why.. It is based upon facts and experiments and not on solid beliefs. It challenges set beliefs and always tries to improve and become more accurate.

Thus having scientific view, we question everything. We just do not believe anything solely. We see every aspect of the situation and idea and then decide what is right and what is wrong and what should we believe and what not, and where we need to improve more and have more facts and experiments. We also begin experimenting with life in a better way. We learn to question if we are doing right or wrong, which is very important.

2. Procedure is as important as result

In scientific experiments and findings, the procedure is as important as the result. For proper scientific experiments, we do not just make up results, but try again and again. We follow proper procedure and take care of what wrong can happen. Take preventive measures and improve each time.

This is something we can learn from. Even we don’t get success first time, it is important to keep going and keep trying and improve each time, not repeating the previous mistakes.

3. Learning never ends

When a theory is made, it is not for ever. It may be challenged in future due to advancements in technology and equipment. It teaches us that learning never ends and there is something new to explore each time.

So we must never stop learning. We must keep learning new things to know more.

4. It unites us

When we know our origins, that we all have originated from same roots, everything is a pile of atoms , we have a sense of oneness with everything. We are just different from outside because of our body’s adaptive abilities, but inside we are all same.

On knowing this, you do not discriminate people on the basis of physical features and other.

5. To be curious always and open to different opinions

Science teaches us to be always curious and to be open to different perspectives and opinions. In science, there are different theories for some scientific phenomenon and no one is labelled as right or wrong without a valid reason or unless we know the truth. Thus it teaches us that there can be different opinions. We can’t label opinions as right or wrong unless whole of the truth is known.

6. Science as a way of life

Science as a way of life.

Science is a way of life. Everything we learn, we can use it in becoming better and have a better lifestyle. When we know how our brain works, we can control it better. When we know the cause of depression, the changes happening to our body, we can treat it. When we know more about our body and how it works, we work to keep it healthy and to make it work properly.

Getting right scientific knowledge and applying it can make your lifestyle better.

7. Science and religion

Often, science and religion are thought as different topics. A scientific person is thought of as less religious and a religious person as less scientific. But science actually takes us closer to true religion and take us away from superstitions.

By knowing science, we can know ourselves better. In fact, we become more spiritual and introspective. One who truly believes in God and is curious about mysteries of this universe is also a scientist. A true scientist is also a Yogi in his own way.

Science and religion


These are just few points. The importance of science in our lives is immense.

Human beings are curious by nature and unfolding mysteries is our basic nature. We are scientific beings. We should promote true science and share our knowledge with others so as we can remove superstitions and spread more positivity and wisdom in this world.

How has Science changed your life?

Is there anything about Science that has totally amazed you?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

6 replies on “How science can help us to become better human beings”

Great post. Science is great outlet for my curiosity. What amazes me most about science is the fact that we have come so far. Imagine first human being being born in wilderness, no civilization, no safety, no understanding of anything… we were almost like wild animals. And from there we have reach this what we are experiencing today where literally you and I can communicate and talk about Universe, stars and many other interesting topics…without even knowing each other.

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