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Why sometimes I wish I were a boy..

This is not a feminist post criticizing men. But some very important issues that need to be known by both. If you have some time please read the full post.

These issues are mostly prevalent in India. So if you are not an Indian, maybe you will not understand some issues.

As a woman, have you felt at times that it would be much better if you were a man??

Almost every girl at some time feels that.

I too have felt that. I am not saying that life is easy for men. They too face a lot of issues. But still here I am talking about the times when we feel like that:

# When I was in class 11, there was a scholarship for Single Girl Child and I was surprised that there was no single girl child in our class. Although there were single boy child, but no such girl. That day, I realised even if we say so much about equality, but differences do exist.

# The next time when I feel is when I have to think about safety everytime I go out anywhere. Boys are lucky about this🙃

# When you are told to take care of what you wear. Nobody would say that to a boy even if he is shirtless or in knickers. But imagine a woman wearing short dress. To me, wearing short dress is not a sign of independence and personally I don’t prefer it. But still if any woman wants to wear clothes by her choice, she is judged inappropriately.

# The dowry problem🤪

If you are an Indian, you must be very much aware about the problem. It is not at all acceptable to me. I mean what is that…a girl comes leaving her house, where she had spent more than 25 years( considering average age of marriage in India), where she had spent all her life for a man who can’t even afford a living for her….

The girl’s family should give you a girl, pay expenses of the marriage( The expenses of the marriage palace and marriage are all done by girl’s family in almost all cases. There are very rare cases when the expenses are shared by both families, but still we want royal marriages..) and if that was not enough..then on top of that, there is dowry. Even after that, at some point ‘that man’ make her feel like she has no value.

Some educated families act like they are not taking dowry but only to know that they are rejecting just material things, not the amount of money transferred in their bank accounts.. Can’t believe this?? You must have seen this when your sister or some other girl in your family had been married.

Come on .. dowry is dowry..

Why are you even marrying when you can’t afford that..

It is even worse than buying. Because whenever someone buys something, they pay the price. But here, you take the girl and you are even paid for that!!!! What a deal!!

I expect men of today’s generation will understand this and will stand against all this..

Women should be respected.. don’t you think that!

please all the brothers out there, make sure you are not doing this and that will be your step towards change.

And that’s why girls it is very important for you all to get education and have financial independence. It is very important for you, even more than boys. You have to create your value. Don’t take the opportunity you have got lightly, not all the girls get that. I will talk more about this in some another post.. Why as a woman you need to stand strong.

# Now if you are from a normal middle class family, you must have seen this:

Your dad can go to party late night and your mom waits for till he comes. Imagine your mother has gone partying with her friends late at night…would your father be waiting for her when she comes?? I would consider it a miracle, if that would happen..😅 But why so?? Do think that….

There are a lot of other things. If I talk about all, it would be a very long post. So, let’s bind it here.

Do let me know what you think about this in the comment section below?

Are there any other times when you have felt so?

29 replies on “Why sometimes I wish I were a boy..”

All good now Sohanpreet. Taking minute steps to improve everyday on forefronts like Career, health and self awareness. This is keeping me occupied and helping to away from negative thoughts. Thanks for the concern 😊 How are you doing?

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Yes, I’ve heard “a few” of my gal pals say that. Most don’t – but it is in our way of thinking that the grass is always greener the other side. Whether it is better or not, probably I’d have to write a post on it…but that said, there are a few advantages and dis-advantages when it comes to both sexes.
Good post 🙂

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life is much more easy for men…definitely… I have never in my life even wish for a second to be a girl hahaha… (i dont mean it in offensive way) ..yes, here in Croatia we also have some traditional rituals when it comes to marriage…and most of them I find it to be extraordinarily stupid… usually we are very concerned what our neighbors will think about us… it is constant competition who has better house, car, job….totally shallow… For men, I think self-independence is the most important thing…to make your own decisions…when you are too much involved in some old-family traditions, you lose your individuality and someone else or something else is controlling you… In my eyes, I have very mythological pictures of men and women… Men should be caretakers, very masculine, assertive, free, not listening to anyone, masters of their universe…they are willing to fight and bleed…but at the same time, they love their wife and their children and when they are with them, they are very soft and protective… and women should be very feminine, loving, supportive, passive (not repressed or suppressed) …but as you said, times are different and it is very important to be independent and to have some financial education and your own money..because otherwise you can end up with someone who got no money, who is not very smart…or somebody who is hopeless romantic…too soft…not assertive…and you will have to be ‘man’ in that relationship and make big decisions… and you can very easily trap yourself into situation that has no perspective… so yes, i can imagine harsh reality of being a woman..not even to mention decisions like giving birth to children..very often you have to choose between being a mother or your career… so yes…it is much more easier to be man than woman… i think also a big problem is the fact that there are not many ‘real men’ out there… world is lacking strong assertive men with purpose who knows what exactly they are doing… many men are in reality still just a little boys…and they get manipulated so easy…by their wife, by their bosses…they dont posses their own individuality where they are ultimate authorities for their lives…

however…good thing is that you know English and that you know how to use computers and Internet…that can for sure open many possibilities for you and you dont have to be a slave of your tradition and your neighborhood.

i am sorry for long comment hahah

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I am surprised to know that such traditions exist in Croatia too..Like you, I also have mythological views about men and women😅 but nowadays it is important to switch places. There are real men even today, but very rare. And in India too what others will think is a big problem😑
And yeah I am grateful that I know English and can think about such issues..I have the internet.
Thank you for commenting Dario!

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This is true but the fact is that we never try to change ourselves, we always try to change the mentality of our society.
खैर छोड़ो ये सब….
सुना है न
लड़की….लड़की थी
सब कुछ भूल गयी
एक बार फुट फुट के रो गयी
लड़का…..लड़का था
ताउम्र हंस हंस के
तड़पता था

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Thank you for sharing!!.. Change is in the winds (as happens with every generation), unfortunately there is that closed minded element in the world’s societies that have found their comfort zone and refuse change thinking only of themselves… “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”.( Isaac Asimov)… 🙂

No matter how difficult the road may be, hold fast to your dreams and follow your heart… “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” –( Joel Brown).. 🙂

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