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What does this picture says to you? #Imagination Challenge

Hey dear friends out there, here’s an interesting challenge for you.

Take a look at following picture and describe what you feel on seeing it.

Image source :

You can answer below in the comments or you can create a new post. You can describe it in either English or Hindi.

I am waiting for your imaginative responses😃

Everyone is invited to participate. Some people I will give this challenge are:

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28 replies on “What does this picture says to you? #Imagination Challenge”

It makes me think of something I read in a book once about how successful people used to make double decker outhouses to show off. The, well. you know, shit would fall down from the top deck and I think there must have been some sort of channel for it to fall through so it wouldn’t land on anybody’s head. I mean, that would be much more unpleasant than bird dropping. I imagine that whoever made this was almost successful, but not quite to the double decker level, so he put two outhouses together in the woods. I hope there’s a good division between the two sides of the outhouse, because that could be kind of embarrassing if there isn’t.

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Here lives a mentally insane person named Jack. jack is alienated from whole society because he was always too weird. other kids in kindergarten and elementary school were making fun of Jack, calling him psychopath. Jack’s childhood is full of trauma. His father used to beat him and left their family, and his mother never loved him because she was a drug addict. Jack was bottling up him emotions. No one ever understood and appreciated Jack except his dog. Now he is living in this little house with his dog. Everyday he hunts his own food… He doesnt wash himself and smells pretty bad. Having no one to talk to, Jack is becoming more and more crazy. He totally lost his mind and touch with reality. jack is a real danger to society but of course, no one is aware of that yet. In the darkest night, when everybody are sleeping peacefully and not expecting anything to happen, Jack is sneaking around, contemplating who is going to be his first victim…

I will not tell you the end of this is really inappropriate. but yes, I see darkness, pain and trauma in this picture… blood, human organs, disaster, chaos….

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The picture is a mysterious one. The story is appropriate for that..
And it also draws our attention to an issue: how ignorance can drive someone to the level of crime.
Thank you for thinking and the wonderful story..🙂

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i like it….first i was thinking like some vacation house…i mean, it is not even a house, and it is obvious that it doesnt even have right conditions to live… but as you said, it has some dark and mysterious elements in it…

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मैंने ऐसा ही एक झोपड़ी देखा था और मैन में विचार आया और एक साधारण सी कविता लबन गई। पेश है शायद आपको पसन्द आए और challenge से मेल खाए।

गुड्डा ​मैं एक घरौंदे का,
जिसकी तु प्यारी गुड़िया है,
यादों में मेरी तू बसती,
तुममे ही मेरी दुनियाँ है,
तू रूठ गयी रब रूठ गया,
था बना घरौंदा टूट गया,
ये मान सका ना पागल दिल,
सपनों का सागर सूख गया,
कहते हैं सब मैं पागल हूँ,
सब कहते तू अब नहीं रही,
उस बाढ़ में कोई नही बचा,
सब कहते तुम भी बची नहीं,
तू मिश्री दूध सा मेरा मन,
घुलकर तूुुम अलग हुई कैसे,
हर ईंट में खुशबू है तेेरी,
यादों को भूलूँ मैं कैसे,
मैं आज भी उसी घरौंदे की
हर ईंट को रोज सजाता हूँ,
तुम आएगी वापस एक दिन,
मैं स्वप्न का महल बनाता हूँ।
कल ही तो ख्वाब सजाये थे,
एक रात में कैसे बिखर गया,
कितनी छोटी सी दुनियाँ थी,
बिन तेरे और भी सिमट गया,
हाँ, हाँ सच मे मैं पागल हूँ,
अब भी मैं ख्वाब सजाता हूँ,
तुम आएगी वापस एक दिन,
हर ईंट को रोज सजाता हूँ,
हर ईंट को रोज सजाता हूँ।

!!! मधुसूदन !!!

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