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How to handle the criticism?

How should we handle the criticism faced, whenever we try to do anything new or unconventional. Let’s find out.

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How to handle the criticism
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Criticism…that word we hear a lot these days. When someone steps out to do something unique or unconventional, they are bound to face the ‘criticism’.

In today’s age of social media, we can see critiques and trollers everywhere around us. So, how to handle all this?

Should you take that criticism or ignore it?
Let’s find. To understand this, first we have to understand that broadly there are two types of criticism : Constructive and Desructive( Although there are many, you can Google them)

Types of criticism

Constructive criticism is the one that tells you your weak points and ways to improve. Whereas, Destructive criticism is the one which demotivates you, disrespects you or anything that stops you from your goal.
How to identify which one it is?
Most of the criticism you face will be desructive. This is the type of criticism you should ignore.

As important is to ignore destructive criticism, so important is to identify Constructive one. There will be some people who are on same path as yours, or they know more than you. These people can guide you and provide you suggestions and insights. The type of criticism is not easy to identify sometimes. You are confused whether to take that advice or not. Sometimes, Destructive criticism makes you doubt yourself and you give up on your plan or dream thinking you are not made for it are not good enough. Sometimes, you ignore the Constructive criticism, that may provide you wonderful advice.
So, how to identify whether you should take it or not?
When the feedback is from a successful person in your field, you are likely to consider it right. They know what it takes to be there. Right?

But sometimes, best pieces of advice can also come from people who don’t know anything about your field and work. How to identify it?

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Analyse it. The important thing about Constructive criticism is that it doesn’t say you to give up on your dream, or attack you personally, but it tells the shortcomings of your project or work. Whereas, Destructive criticism will attack you rather than your work. It will find faults within you rather than your work.

Analyse on your own, if the shortcoming the person is referring to really matters. If what they are saying is true, then improve it instead of getting demotivated. Remember, the fault may be within your work but it doesn’t mean there is a fault in you.

I will conclude this by these words I read somewhere

” You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone who is doing less than you.” ( here criticism..means Destructive criticism)

What do you think about this?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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22 replies on “How to handle the criticism?”

By making good use of grief, sorrow will be shortened, then it will not give you that much grief. By making good use of happiness, happiness will become smaller then it will not be able to bind you.

If you get hurt due to unintelligence, then it will make you weak, if happiness comes, it will put you in bondage. One weakens by intimidation and another weakens by binding. Both will hurt. Your body, your mind, your heart – goes into the shadow of these joyous and sad demons. These joys and sorrows are monster’s😂 So please live in soul, not in body.

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Agreed! Great post. I think that even criticism should be full of kindness. It matters a lot because then the person thinks that the critic is genuinely interested in the improvement of the work.

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