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‘I have to work’ TO ‘ I want to work ‘

When you know the impact your work has, it can drastically change the way you work. Let’s find out how it can help us get satisfaction from our work.

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Impact of your work: Think differently
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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

William James

Hello everyone there!

So, reading the quote above, what do you think?

Do you feel your work makes an impact?

Or when you know that your work makes an impact, does it motivates you even more??

We all are a part of the universe. We have impact on this world by what we do and what we create. When we have the sense that our work matters, that it has a positive impact on the world, we feel more motivated to do it. There is a sense of satisfaction in doing the work that makes an impact.

If you stop your work, what changes it will create?

Think, if you stop doing what you do, how it will affect the things around you? How it will change other’s life?

No matter the work we do, we all have impact on this world, bigger or smaller. But when we work with the sense that our work makes a difference, because it really does, our energy for doing that work is different. When we know the importance of our work, we will put more efforts to do it better than before.

That is, you have to move from ‘I have to work’ to ‘I want to work’

Do you work only because you have to??

Or because you want to?

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

11 replies on “‘I have to work’ TO ‘ I want to work ‘”

I agree. Yes, when you realise the importance and impact of your work, it changes to ‘i want to work’. And tbh.. the more want tos in your life than have tos.. the better your life will be❤️

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We can erase our pencil marks, But not the impact they made on paper. We can erase your mistakes But not the impact in our life. So be careful in each & every work.

And you are cent% true “We all are a part of the universe. We have impact on this world by what we do and what we create.”

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