Expressing Gratitude-3 (The Food we eat)

I am grateful that all my basic needs are met. There are a lot of people in this world who struggle to have their basic needs met. I am grateful to God for giving me all what I need.

One of the most basic need is Food. I am grateful for food. I am grateful that apart from my daily needs, I have been provided with all kinds of tasty foods. Be it juicy fruits or bigger meals.

Sometimes I have an urge to eat something and then that I get that thing either from a friend or relative. That moment is so joyful. The Universe fulfills all our wishes if our intentions are pure.

I am very thankful for everything I get to eat. I will try to thank each time I eat. I will try to totally be in present moment when I eat. This way I will enjoy the taste fully and be more appreciative of what I eat. Countless varieties of tastes and dishes are there which we taste. How lucky we are taste all that!!!. Sometimes we are just lost in our thoughts while eating and this way we can’t be appreciative of what we get to eat. Being totally present while eating enhances the experience.

Think of all kinds of taste : the sweet ones, the bitter ones, the sour ones, the salty ones, the tangy ones, and all others which can’t be explained. We should be thankful to nature for providing all such kind of pleasurable foods.

Being grateful also makes me sympathize with people who are unable to get their daily food. How lucky we are that we are getting what we want to eat. We can share it with others who don’t get enough.

In school, we were asked to pray before taking lunch. I somehow didn’t understand that practice at that time. I will try to incorporate this practice in my daily life

Let we all be grateful for our food and the life that it provides us.

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Indeed, we should be grateful for food as many have to sleep empty stomach. Also, we should try not to waste food. In marriages and other functions, people fill their plates but can’t eat all. In this way, so much of food go wastage. We should take only what we can eat.

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