Expressing gratitude- 9

After the basic needs, I will be talking about all the things that make our life more beautiful and joyful.

When we talk about beautiful things, it’s all art forms that come to my mind.

I am grateful for all the art forms that enrich our life. All the arts enrich our life. Art is an expression of one’s soul and therefore an expression of God. Each person finds some art forms interesting. I am thankful for all these art forms and how they form a beautiful part of our life. Art is what makes our life beautiful.

Let’s first talk about music. I can’t be grateful enough for music. Music is something without which life seems incomplete. There is music in everything. I am grateful for music. Writing this I remember the song which I love, “Sab hai apooran sangeet bina”( Everything is incomplete without music). Here is the song:

“Sab hai apooran sangeet bina “

I just can’t imagine my life without music. It tunes me to myself. I like many different types of music, be it classical and traditional, or alternative rock or just simple instrumental music.

Music is indeed an ocean storing many pearls within. There are thousands of musical instruments, each having its own unique quality and story. Different countries have different instruments, all having beautiful harmonies. Music has been a part of human life from ever.

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Apart from so many instruments, I like the rythmic ones most. The beats from a tabla, or a drum are very pleasing to me. My day starts with music. Be it some kind of devotional music or meditation music. I am grateful for all the devotional music. I love listening to qawallis. They take me to a different place. And the Indian classical raaga, which represent different moods and feelings of our inner Universe as well as the outer nature.

Music is not just tones and instruments. Infact, each thing in the Universe is dancing at the music that is Universally present. All matter contains energy and is vibrating at a certain frequency. These vibrations are dance in itself. And they produce their own music.

The sound of Anhad Naad is present in the whole Universe.

Anhad Naad is a Hindi word, of Sanskrit origin, it means “primodal sound” in English. The sound which exists and is not produced by striking two objects. This is the sound of the cosmos and of human consciousness, an ultimate sound that transcends space and time, a sound that has no beginning or end.


I am grateful for music and all its manifestations. This is indeed a very big topic and a lot can be said about it. But let us all explore it as per our own capacity and interest.

Let us thank God for giving us this wonderful gift. Let us enjoy the music and let our soul emerse in it and dance to it.

9 replies on “Expressing gratitude- 9”

Hope you get to hear that ANHAD NAAD very soon. Because I see that you have the energy with which you are writing this gratitude series. You just need to look inside instead of outside.
Thanks again Sohan for this incredible series. This is pure divine post. Seriously you made my day🙏🙏😇😇

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I completely agree with you that arts make our lives beautiful and joyful. Music is the best and most beautiful art form in my opinion. I am too a big music lover. Music is a big part of me. All the musical instruments are worth listening to, but I love the violin the most.

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