Expressing gratitude-18

I am grateful that I have the capacity to think and make life as I want. This is something I am so grateful for.

So many people in this world are not able to express their creative potential as they have to worry about the food and basic survival needs. I am grateful that I have been provided with all such things, so that I can consider doing something creative or something that will help others and also create a better life for me.

I am thankful that I have the ability to think. I am grateful that I am not forced to go a certain path for meeting responsibilities and meeting survival needs. This is a very big opportunity many of us have got. Thus we must strive to make its full use rather than complaining about what we don’t have.

I am so grateful that I have been given intelligence to decide what is right for me and how to differentiate right and wrong. I can think about every tradition, ritual and custom and then decide if I need to follow it or does it serves the highest good. I can decide and think that these things can be mere illusions created by people or these can be made by the people who wanted to mislead others from right path.

I am grateful that I have been given the strength to think and then act on it. It is me who is to decide who and what I want to follow. Our family, society, religion, all the people around us can impact us through what they think right. But it is our responsibility to find the truth and act only on what is right for highest good.

This can also make us of rebellious attitude. But doing wrong and staying silent is not a good way. We have to find our truth and also live that truth. Yesterday, I talked about how I am grateful for the truths that are revealed to me. I want to live according to those truths and incorporate those things into my life. This is what our purpose and religion is. To seek the truth amd get more closer to it in every moment.

I am grateful that I can think all these things. I have the ability to make my life better and also of those around me. Let’s use this opportunity for better.

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