Expressing gratitude-20

I am grateful that I have internet connection. Think of being without internet connection these days!!

It is through web that I have got to know so many things. Even what I am writing on this platform is possible just because of this. If you are reading this post, that has also become possible through internet connection.

I am grateful for all the things that I have learned by means of it. It satisfies and further increase my curiosity. Whenever I feel curious to know about something, I just search it on the web and get the answers. This is the thing I am so grateful for. I am grateful for all the music, poetry and ancient literature that I get to listen to and read. This has all been possible because of the internet. Today, we can know about any event that ever happened in history at any place of world. We don’t have to wait for much time.

Through internet, we can talk to people that live far away from us. We can see them through video calling. I am grateful that how internet helps in making connections to our loved ones.

We can even travel the places by sititng at our home. I am gratful for all of the travel videos that are put by people on the web. Even by sitting at home, I can travel several places virtually. I can see how the cultures of other countries are, how they live. We can know about the issues and problem going on in different countries.

Internet has shaped education in new way in this modern era. Now, anyone with an access to internet connection can get their education. There are many courses and platforms that we can use for about anything. I am so grateful for all such platforms too. They have made education accessible to all. This is a very big opportunity that we can use.

Internet is such a source of knowledge and I appreciate it wholly. I am grateful for everything good that it provides me. I am thankful that I have the ability to use this source for my good. Today, I express my thanks that I have internet connection and devices to use it. I can use it to learn and grow.

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