Expressing gratitude-21

I am grateful for the natural beauty that is all around me.

Trees, rivers, fountains, mountains, beautiful sunrise and sunset, the flight of birds in the sky, clouds, rain, the night sky, moonlight and starts. I am grateful for all these things. These show us how beautiful nature can be. These are all the manifestations of divine.

If we don’t get sunlight for few days, we don’t feel well. The flow of fresh air is so refreshing amd calming to us. We need these things. Without these natural refreshing elements, our lives will be dull. Whenever I feel upset, I take a walk outside or just watch the sky. Seeing the sky and its vastness makes us realize how small we are in this entire Universe, yet we are an important part of it. Seeing vast views from top of mountains is so fascinating. Seeing a turbulent river flow and calm sea, all show us the variety and power of these natural elements.

Flowers are other thing that make this world more beautiful. Just seeing a beautiful flower rejuvenates us. Flowers decorate this earth and spread their fragrance.

I am grateful that I can enjoy these natural wonders. The changing seasons and changing weather, each one with its own beauty. I am grateful for the power and vitality the Sun provides. I am grateful for the calmness and depth, the moon provides. I am grateful for the rivers which flow and make life possible around them. I am grateful for the air which keeps me alive. I am grateful for the earth that nourishes and supports all life.

I am also thankful for all the lessons that these natural elements provide. Along with their beauty, they also teach us how giving is nature.

Today, I express my thanks to all the natural beauty that is around me.

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