Expressing gratitude- 28

I am grateful that I know my strengths.

Every human has both strengths and weaknesses. As humans, we all have our own shortcomings, but we also have some strengths that are unique to us. I am grateful that I know some of my strengths. I wrote ‘some of my strengths’ because I know that there are things yet to be explored. I am thankful for the ones whom I have recognized and admired.

Most often, we focus on our weaknesses. Recognizing weaknesses is also important. But we forget to look at our strengths. We forget the gifts that are given to us. As me keep moving in life, we learn more about our strengths and what gifts we are given.

I am thankful that I know my strengths. I need not boast about my strengths because it is not something special. They are special in a way that they are unique to me. Otherwise, everyone has strengths and potentials that are not big or small in anyway. I just need to know my strengths and put those to right use. I can recognize my strengths and be thankful for the gifts I have received.

I also recognize that everyone has got individual gifts and strengths. I also appreciate strengths and gifs of others.

I will focus on my strengths and will always try to bring some good by using them and polish them more. This is the best way we can express our thanks to God. If we are given a very unique skill and talent, we should put it to its rightful use.

Most often, we misunderstand unique strengths as short-comings. We beat up ourselves for being different from others. We complain why we are not like others. And our answer is withing our question itself. ‘We are not like others’. And isn’t this an amazing way to be. We all are unique, and this is our strength.

I recognize that whatever I have been given are my unique gifts. I do not have to compare myself to others. What I need to do is to focus on using my abilities well.

I want to remember this fact more often so thay I do not criticize anyone based on what they can’t do. I will try to be patient with people if they don’t know something or don’t know some work. I will try to motivate people to use their strengths. The same we can also do with ourselves.

Today, I express my thanks for my strengths and all the gifts I have been given to share with this world.

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