Expressing gratitude-31

I am grateful that I know the fact that things happen for me and not to me.

Most of the time, we get in thoughts like : every bad thing happen to me only, it is due to my bad fate, I am always sad, no matter what I do I always get bad things, why I am always unhappy…etc. We blame our circumstances and people in our life. We think that other people or God put us in bad circumstances and did bad to us. We get in so extreme mentality, that we don’t look inside our ownselves. We forget to look inside our own wounds and own behavioral patterns.

I have experienced that our outer circumstances show only what goes inside our inner world. Mostly, it is our own inner wounds that make us think thoughts like that. It is our pain and darkness that we keep projecting on others or outer circumstances. When we hold pain inside us, we are not even conscious of what we are doing. We do anything that relieves that pain, even for a short moment. This can lead to addictions, bad behavioral patterns and the victim mentality.

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I am grateful to know the fact that we are not victims of our circumstances. Instead, we create our own circumstances. By knowing this, I can make conscious choices to change what goes inside me.

We are not victims of the outer circumstances.”

We all have destructive behavioral patterns. And there is nothing to be ashamed about it. These responses arise from our own pain that we are holding inside us. The people whom we blame for our condition are also having such behavioral patterns due to the pain they are holding to. There is actually no one and nothing to blame. The only thing we can do is to be aware of our own pain and wounds. We can be more compassionate to ourselves. Instead of blaming your fate, other people in your life and circumstances around you, see what pain you are holding to.

I am thankful that I have been shown this fact. I know everything that happens outside is what is actually happening inside me. If we hold fear inside, we will see the situations that confirm our fear. I have experienced this so many times. If you think that always bad things happen to you, that becomes your belief and then that is what happens to you. Instead if you think that bad things happen, but I always come out of them better than before. Then this becomes your belief and this is what happens. Our inner beliefs create our outer world.

I too have been holding many wrong beliefs and pains. I am working to know my beliefs and see if they serve me in a good way or not. I am thankful that I know we can change our beliefs. We can make our wounds conscious and work to heal them. We will only be healing them once we recognize them. We don’t need to be strong all the time. Being vulnerable with our emotions is a way of becoming conscious of what is going inside us.

“Things happen for me and not to me”.

Today, I express my thanks for the awareness of certain beliefs that I was holding on to. I am thankful to know that I can change my inner world. I do not need to control the outer circumstances. I can release my expectations of others and work on my inner world. I am thankful that I am given patience and strength to ‘scan’ and examine my own beliefs and darkness.

All the events that occur in our life and circumstances that arise are there to teach me something or make me aware of something about myself. All these things happen for me. They happen to change me, teach me and to take me to the ultimate truth. This ultimate truth always keeps on revealing itself. It is we who are, at times, not aware. Things happen for me to understand this truth.

I am thankful that all the things happen for me. It also makes me accept whatever happens, as it happens. I consciously make choice what each thing means to me and what it is trying to show me. And I am so grateful for all the things that happened to me to show me the reality and to take me closer to the truth.

As is inside, is outside.
As is inside, is outside.

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