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Poll: Physical, Mental and Emotional abuse.

Hello, everyone. I have created this poll to be more aware of the abuse that goes around with each one of us. Whether it be a man or woman, there are many instances where we feel being abused or our power taken away. Through this poll, my objective is to learn about how common such […]

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Unfolding the inner lotus | Heart and the soul💗💚

The Inner Lotus with countless petals:The lotus flower shows us that the outer conditions don’t matter. We can shine our inner beauty, no matter the outer circumstances. As lotus unfolds its petals, the soul expresses its beauty through us. This inner lotus, our heart holds the beauty of our soul. One who looks inside the […]

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Maulana Rumi~Come to me in Silence|You are my Soul

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The Impersonal Life| I, Life, God|Joseph Brenner

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A return to love | God and love

Finding yourself Poetry sufi lyrics

Rumi ~ Do you know what you are?