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Jodie's journeys to the butterfly world

“Hey Jodie, Come on have your breakfast” His mom was calling him loud for the fifth time. And Jodie sat there mesmerized in his thoughts. ..She was having beautiful white spots all over her wings, like the bright stars in the dark sky, those were shining on her pure black wings. Jodie has been watching […]

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The Cry of the Graves

A story By Khalil Gibran. The Emir walked into the court room and took the central chair while at his right and left sat the wise men of the country. The guards, armed with swords and spears, stood in attention, and the people who came to witness the trial rose and bowed ceremoniously to the […]

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What does this picture says to you? #Imagination Challenge

Hey dear friends out there, here’s an interesting challenge for you. Take a look at following picture and describe what you feel on seeing it. You can answer below in the comments or you can create a new post. You can describe it in either English or Hindi. I am waiting for your imaginative responses­čśâ […]