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Speaking your truth

“One of the best things we can learn is to speak our truth boldly without an intention of hurting anyone.” ©️LearnersForLife

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Random Thoughts…

“Sometimes people complain others about the pain they have given them without even realising that they have given the same pain to others. Maybe the another person was just better at hiding it.” @sohanpreet ©️Sohanpreet Kaur

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Random Thoughts(Manipulation and tricks)

The things you have gained by manipulating someone, telling lies, playing tricks and games will not last for a long time. You will only get what you give and you have to pay for your actions. If you play tricks, you too will face it from other people. Do things fron the depth of your […]

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Who is in danger??

Meanwhile, Every orthodox religion : Our religion is in danger. Let’s attack people of other beliefs to save our religion. Reality, A true human is in danger. An honest person is in danger. Humanity is in danger. They must be saved from false propagandas and violence done by so-called “religious people”. And only way to […]

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Social media making derogatory words “trendy” and “cool”: Where are we heading?

Social media has made some bad words look “cool” and trendy that are not cool at all. Let’s see how it impacts you in a bad way and you should stop using it.

Quotes Random Thoughts Self-improvement Way of life

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“Treat yourself no less than others and also not more than others.“ @sohanpreet ©mindoriginals – All rights reserved