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The most accurate pyschic reading ever

Do you want to know how to get the most accurate pyschic reading?? Let me explain that to you. If you are in a hurry, then watch the following video: What is a psychic reading? A pyschic is someone who is supposed to have some powers through which they can pull information about someone or […]

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How extremity of anything can badly affect us…

Being extreme about anything can badly affect us. Are you living in extremity of anything? Let’s discuss

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The Prayer

What is prayer? The Indian Sage, Narada, was a devotee of the Lord Hari. So great was his devotion that he was one day tempted to think that in all the world there was no one who loved God more than he. The Lord read his heart and said, “Narada, go to this town on […]

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The Cry of the Graves

A story By Khalil Gibran. The Emir walked into the court room and took the central chair while at his right and left sat the wise men of the country. The guards, armed with swords and spears, stood in attention, and the people who came to witness the trial rose and bowed ceremoniously to the […]

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Why sometimes I wish I were a boy..

This is not a feminist post criticizing men. But some very important issues that need to be known by both. If you have some time please read the full post. These issues are mostly prevalent in India. So if you are not an Indian, maybe you will not understand some issues. As a woman, have […]

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Poll : Do you believe in Reincarnation ( past lives and rebirth)?

Hey fellow bloggers! I want your opinion regarding the question. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts and comments in the comments below and vote at the poll.